Let Go

  1. Blizzard Of 77
  2. The Way You Wear Your Head
  3. Fruit Fly
  4. Blonde On Blonde
  5. Inside Of Love
  6. Hi-Speed Soul
  7. No Quick Fix
  8. Killian's Red
  9. Là Pour Ça
  10. Happy Kid
  11. Treading Water
  12. Paper Boats

After The Proximity Effect was dropped, we waited to get the rights back so that we could put it out ourselves. I got a job at the local record store. That time was a blessing. We went to the practice space a lot and listened to music or worked on songs, without a deadline and without anyone looking over our shoulders. When we thought we had enough material, we decided to go back to Palindrome, where we’d recorded much of Proximity. We toured across the country to LA, and paid for the sessions with shirt and CD money. We made if very cheaply but because it was mostly in wrinkled singles and fives, it looked like a lot. Chris Fudurich, who’d engineered our previous sessions there, did most of the recording and mixing. We did three more songs back at the magic shop in new york, where I’d been an intern a few years before. My buddy from back then, Juan Garcia, recorded them. Chris Walla, whom we’d just met, mixed two of those: Blizzard of ’77 and Happy Kid (neither heaven nor space was the third, Louie Lino. mixed that one). Chris only had a couple of days between tours and had the flu, but he did it anyway, what a trooper! Fun mix fact: Chris worked on the sounds for and levels for Happy Kid for an hour while i mostly sat in the kitchen snacking on some whole foods goodness we’d just brought back. He popped his head in and said “I think I’ve got something, give this a listen.” The mixing desk (at Pearl Jam’s studio litho) had no automation and there wasn’t computer in sight (we were working from tape). Chris hit play and just stood there — he didn’t hit a single mute button or slide a single fader. That was the mix.