1. See These Bones
  2. Whose Authority
  3. Beautiful Beat
  4. Weightless
  5. Are You Lightning?
  6. I Like What You Say
  7. From Now On
  8. Ice On The Wing
  9. The Fox
  10. The Film Did Not Go 'Round

We recorded this whole album at robert lang studios in seattle with the incredible John Goodmanson in the driver’s seat. We lived in the house upstairs and daniel made an amazing meal every night. I was once again a little bit behind in writing this one and when we were done with work for the day, I’d go back to my room where I had a suitcase literally filled with cassettes, some recent, some years old, and i’d go hunting for the one little bit that would help finish the next day’s song. Stressful and happy times. John rescued us from working on too many unfinished pieces at once. He also gave us a classic bit of producerly advice when we were tearing our hair out over an ending: “Dudes, if they’re not into the song by now…” a lot friends joined us on this one, some in person, some through the mail in parts: Coralie Biolay, Ben Gibbard, Sean Nelson, John Roderick and Lianne Smith sang harmonies, Phil Petersen played cello, Phil Wandescher played guitar, Ed Harcourt played piano and both Louie Lino and Joe Mcginty added keyboard parts, as they have on every album since let go. Martin Wenk (Calexico), who had by that time toured with us, played trumpet on “Ice On the Wing.” He included the Bavarian oom-pah part at the end as a joke, not expecting us to use it. We had to.