The Weight Is a Gift

  1. Concrete Bed
  2. Do It Again
  3. Always Love
  4. What Is Your Secret?
  5. Your Legs Grow
  6. All Is A Game
  7. Blankest Year
  8. Comes A Time
  9. In The Mirror
  10. Armies Walk
  11. Imaginary Friends

This album was recorded in two sessions, one at the Hall of Justice in Seattle and one at Tiny Telephone in San Francisco. Tiny Telephone used to share a courtyard with survival research laboratory, so there were some pretty awe-inspiring contraptions to look at when we took a break. Chris Walla produced and really dug in, learning the songs and making great suggestions. Because we ended up behind schedule, we had to have various songs mixed by various engineers at once. that list of names contains some of our favorite people ever: Chris, John Goodmanson, John Agnello, Chris Shaw, Louie Lino, Geoff Sanoff and Ed Stasium. the latter plays a mean tambourine, which we didn’t know until we heard the final mix, haha. He mixed Rocket To Russia and can therefore do no wrong in our book! A few of the guitar overdubs were done with my childhood friend and fellow tone-nut tom beaujour at his nuthouse studio in Hoboken, a tradition that would continue on all subsequent records.