1. Deeper Well
  2. The Plan
  3. Popular
  4. Sleep
  5. Stalemate
  6. Treehouse
  7. Icebox
  8. Psychic Caramel
  9. Hollywood
  10. Zen Brain

Because we’d already recorded most of these songs the year before with a different drummer, and because Ric Ocasek, who was producing, tended to like first takes, this album went quickly. it took all of three weeks at Electric Lady shortly before the christmas of 1995, including the mix. Bruce Calder engineered. He used very little compression, which is relatively unusual, but we’re not arguing with the results! We met Ric by chance: I gave him a demo cassette outside the Knitting Factory and he called back. We were shocked. One of the nicest people ever. Very exciting times for us.