Never Not Together

Available February 7, 2020

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Peaceful Ghosts

Available October 28, 2016

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You Know Who You Are

Available March 4, 2016

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Live at the Neptune Theatre

on saturday march 24th, 2012, we drove into seattle, washington, one
of favorite cities in the world. we were in the midst of a US tour in
support of the stars are indifferent to astronomy. (more…)


A digital collection of  b-sides from ‘Let Go’ through ‘The Stars Are Indifferent To Astronomy.’ The US track listing is above. The UK/EU track listing includes ‘Neither Heaven Nor Space,’ but no ‘No Quick Fix.’

The Stars Are Indifferent to Astronomy

Having learned our lesson on if i had a hi-fi that having all the songs written ahead of time (clearly a given in the case of a covers album) is a really good idea (more…)

If I Had a Hi-Fi

After we finished touring for lucky we wanted to stay busy without having to wait for me to cook up another batch of songs (more…)


We recorded this whole album at robert lang studios in seattle with the incredible John Goodmanson in the driver’s seat. We lived in the house upstairs and daniel made an amazing meal every night. (more…)

The Weight Is a Gift

This album was recorded in two sessions, one at the Hall of Justice in Seattle and one at Tiny Telephone in San Francisco. (more…)

Let Go

After The Proximity Effect was dropped, we waited to get the rights back so that we could put it out ourselves. I got a job at the local record store. That time was a blessing. (more…)

The Proximity Effect

We made demos for this in our then practice space on south 4th street in brooklyn, which we thought we were clever in naming shabby road. (more…)


Because we’d already recorded most of these songs the year before with a different drummer, and because Ric Ocasek, who was producing, tended to like first takes, this album went quickly. (more…)