Waiting For Something

The video for Waiting For Something is a personal journey through interlocking time in the lives of several interconnected characters all of whom share in the mystique and beauty of their Spanish island - Ibiza.

Directed by Violetta D'Agata, the clip includes scenes shot at some well know island locations including Na Xamena, a heliport constructed in 1981 to bring royal famous and anonymous clients of the 5 star Hotel Hacienda to the island, Cap Es Falco, Roundabout E-10, which includes one of the most important sculptures by the artist Andreu Moreno and the Centenary Oak, a force of nature rising and spreading from the fertile ground of Ibiza--hidden in the north of the island where only a select few know of its whereabouts. It invites children and the imaginatively adventurous to climb its branches and share in its mystery.