The Sun Doesn’t Care How You Vote

hi friends, it’s earth day, as every day is / should be. some folks i know who are part of an organization that promotes awareness of issues that affect us all asked me to contribute something. part of the campaign is to say “#ClimateChangeIsReal and so is….[insert summary of solution].” countless wonderful people all across the world are working on solutions. i’m not well-versed enough to highlight one in particular. what i can do is share one more message about the reality of climate change, as denial, honest or willfully strategic (to protect profit), is the biggest roadblock to progress. i travel a lot for music, so my carbon footprint is sometimes significant. this doesn’t offset that i know, but i still want to contribute. i was visiting daniel in ibiza last week, on the wild northern side of the island where he lives, enjoying the bountiful nature there. sitting outside in the evening, i cooked this up and recorded it on my laptop, through the earbud microphone. it’s lo-fi but heartfelt. here’s to our future, whatever we can make of it. we are a harmful but extraordinary species, and when we work together we can do amazing things, we can change course. xo