Matthew Caws and John Davis release “We Are In the Wild And We Are Home”

i’ve been a huge fan of john davis as an artist and a person ever since superdrag and nada surf toured together when we were both starting out. his new band The Lees Of Memory is incredible. i’ve been wanting to write a song with john for ages. well, we finally did and it’s out today. it’s called “We Are In The Wild And We Are Home.” we’re very excited for you to hear it, here’s where you can find it:

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you can download the track with vocals and an instrumental mix from john’s High Bias!!! A Cassette-Based Operation™ bandcamp page.

the lyrics are on the bandcamp page and i’ll include them below. the song has a universal message and it would be incredible if any listeners around the world might want to translate the words into their own language and sing their own version. if you get your version to us, we’ll share it out!

100% of the proceeds from this release will benefit Americares, a non-profit disaster relief and global health organization providing immediate response to emergency medical needs and supporting long-term health care initiatives for people in the united states and around the world. in john’s words: “we felt this would be in line with our intentions for creating the song in the first place; our aim from the beginning was just to transmit a little love and positivity into a world that could use a whole lot more of both at the present time. every purchase will make a meaningful impact and help ease suffering around the world.”

we wrote and recorded the song at County Q in nashville one evening with the great help of Andy Herrin on the drums and Mike Purcell at the controls. john came in with a couple of verses an idea based on a conversation we’d had the night before about positive vibrations in music. we picked up guitars and kept writing. john put down a bed of droning tanpuras and sitasr and we were off! a really magical night.

the cover painting is john’s and is called “”Remember To Look For Beauty When Christmas Shopping (Especially Then)”, 20″ x 20″, acrylic on canvas, 2018. he just now sold it on ebay and the money is going to americares : )

big thank you also to Lindsay Murray for the layout and nada surf manager ben weber for handing all the details.

-Matthew Caws

here are the words:

Negative vibrations come a-creepin’ through the cracks 
lookin’ out for somethin’ better, walkin’ down the tracks 
I’m gonna try to keep lovin’ on my mind

Tortured souls in desperation whisper through the pines 
there’s no hope in restoration if we can’t change our minds 
I’m gonna try, please let me try

I’m not afraid of changin’, it takes a little time 
a moment’s hesitation, then follow what’s inside

Do not be afraid, the confusion is gonna pass 
and leave you alone 
in the voice of the planets, let it keep singin’ and never cease

You can never fail, so stay there 
let it happen, listen and be known 
we are one, and we’re many 
we are in the wild and we are home

I’ve got a feelin’, I see it in the sky 
let’s raise up the ceiling, and treat each other kind

Let’s raise up the ceiling, and treat each other kind