Fred Armisen

From Matthew:

i had a blast playing in fred armisen’s bowery ballroom show on tuesday. along with fred (who totally rocked on guitar, drums and bass, while making the whole thing fun and hilarious), there was leigh gorman from bow wow wow, tim harrington and seth jabour from les savy fav, michael lerner from telekinesis, james mcnew from yo la tengo and leigh nash from sixpence none the richer. such a great group of musicians and people. the stage was covered in astro-turf and trees and shrubs! we all had jumpsuits!

my guitar was leaning against a hot amp and was well out-of-tune by the end, so haven’t watched the video (and don’t want to talk about it, haha, please don’t mention) but i had a fantastic time playing the telekinesis songs and the fred songs, and the introduction we’d worked up on a riff of fred’s the night before.

good times!